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What tea is good for cramps?

What tea is good for cramps?

Cramps during pregnancy are nothing unusual. In fact, they are quite common during the first trimester.

During that time, your body is preparing to accommodate a baby, so some adjustments need to be made. This can cause mild cramps that usually don’t last very long.

As your uterus grows, you may feel cramps in the abdomen area and there is also something known as lightning crotch. The important thing is that the cramps are not too painful or accompanied by bleeding. If that is the case, contact your doctor immediately.

A good way to combat this problem is by preparing a cup of  your favourite herbal tea. Here are some of the best choices to consider.

Chamomile Tea

The chamomile plant is quite famous for its soothing properties, so having some chamomile tea to try to soothe menstrual cramps seems like a logical step to make.

The tea is made of chamomile flowers and has quite a mild taste. It also has no caffeine, so it’s perfect if you just need a moment for yourself and want to relax. For a complete experience, you can light an aromatherapy candle for a complete experience, choose our Bump candle that complements chamomile well.

The recommended dose would be somewhere around two cups of tea per day, approximately one week before the menstruation starts.

Apart from alleviating pain, chamomile will reduce the blood flow and help you sleep better, which will help you overcome this ordeal much easier.

Cramp Bark Tea

Cramp bark tea is also a great choice because this tea has been proven to help with pretty much any form of cramps. It may be a bit on the bitter side when it comes to its taste, but that’s nothing a healthy dollop of honey can’t resolve.

Cramp bark tea is very good for keeping your uterus healthy and also acts as a muscle relaxant, which means it will act quickly when cramps strike and help you get rid of the pain quickly.

It also helps reduce muscle tension in general, so you should see an overall improvement and less frequent cramps altogether. In addition to all of this, cramp bark will even help your urinary tract.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is made from the plant’s roots and has a fairly spicy taste. The positive effects of ginger are quite numerous, from anti-inflammatory to pain-relieving.

Ginger tea is a popular choice for pregnant women, especially since several studies have found that ginger does alleviate menstrual cramps and, like chamomile, reduces the blood flow. In addition, it’s also excellent at diminishing headache, so it’s just such a versatile tea to have.

The tea can be made of the actual root (just chop it up and boil it in some water), but ginger tea bags are just as good. Up to four cups a day are recommended.

Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is an excellent choice if you’re craving some herbal tea during your pregnancy. It has quite a characteristic taste, but what is particularly interesting is that this plant is quite commonly used with other tea blends, so you may want to experiment a bit.

The reason nettle tea is recommended during pregnancy is that it’s rich in things such as vitamin A, C, D and K, but it also has iron, potassium and other things that help your body function properly.

On top of that, it also helps your kidneys.

The main reason we mention this herbal tea in relation to pregnancy cramps is that it alleviates leg cramps. If you have this problem, making a cup of nettle tea can be a real lifesaver.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea can be quite a rejuvenating beverage to drink and the main thing it’s got going for it is the fact that it’s excellent at preventing both cramps and muscle pain. So, it’s a good thing to have around if you’re working out, not just during pregnancy.

The vital ingredient here in menthol, and peppermint is full of it, which is why the aforementioned health benefits are not the only ones. Peppermint tea can help you if you’re struggling with irritable bowels, for example.

So, if the taste of mint is something that you like, this tea is the drink you should reach for when the cramps kick in.

Which drinks to avoid?

You may find it helpful to know which drinks to avoid when pregnant to make sure your pregnancy is without any problems. And the first category - quite a big one, too - are carbonated drinks and energy drinks. Yes, any kind of soda or similar drink, anything fizzy will make you bloated, which increases the chances of getting a cramp during pregnancy.

In addition, these drinks have a lot of caffeine and sugar, which is certainly not recommended for expecting mothers.

The second big group of drinks to avoid is the one containing drinks with caffeine. Naturally, coffee falls into this category too, so a good idea is to skip your morning cup if you want to feel better. This is because caffeine increases blood pressure.


Cramps during pregnancy can be extremely exhausting, but you can alleviate that problem with something as simple as a cup of tea. In fact, during this time you deserve all the rest and relaxation you can get, so when you do get chance to put your feel up, enjoy your tea with a relaxing aromatherapy candle.

This way, you will enjoy your cup of tea even more and really be able to just sit down and take a breather for a moment. Choose the essential oil in your candle that complements the tea you’re drinking, and you will feel rejuvenated in no time at all.

Change your routine just a little and make your life so much easier!


What should you drink to help with cramps during pregnancy?

In short, herbal tea. But there are actually many different kinds of tea that can help you with these cramps. Chamomile, ginger and peppermint are all great choices because the plants they are made from have all been proven

What drinks should you avoid during pregnancy? 

Three main categories - carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks. The first group makes you feel more bloated, which can be quite a problem during pregnancy. The second raises your blood pressure, whereas the third can dehydrate you and cause stomach problems. So, stay away from these if you’re having a baby. Generally, you want to try to eat and drink as healthily as possible because this will help you stay healthy. This is why tea is such a good option for women during pregnancy. to help with a variety of health issues. Just try to relax as much as you can. Sit down and enjoy your drink and maybe light an aromatherapy candle to enhance the mood.

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