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healthy pregnancy diet

Preparing for pre-pregnancy diet

What you eat, and how much, can affect your chances of falling pregnant. If you’re trying to conceive, it may be a good idea to plan your pre-pregnancy diet more carefully. Providing your body with the proper nutrients will not only make it easier for you to conceive but will also ensure the heal...
Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness methods have taken the fertility world by storm. From classes regarding how to implement the technique to books and phone applications to track your fertility status, there is a ton of buzz around this method of trying to conceive, or in some cases, prevent pregnancy, and righ...
How smoking affects male and female fertility

How smoking affects male and female fertility

The adverse effects of smoking on health are well-known. Most people are aware of the fact that smoking can cause cancer, lung diseases, heart problems, diabetes, and multiple other illnesses. The effects of smoking on fertility and the health of babies, however, are not always fully understood. ...
weighing scales

Overweight and Planning a Pregnancy? What You Need To Know

If you're searching for more information on weight loss being overweight and trying to conceive, or you're searching to learn more information on health risks for fat pregnant women, you're likely working to get as healthy as possible before you welcome a little one into your life. Here, we'll ex...
boosting fertility

How to Boost Your Fertility?

Once you have decided that you want to get into parenthood, you are not certain about the exact time you will receive a positive pregnancy test. However, if you are pretty healthy and not using any birth control method, you should be able to get pregnant within the first year. According to resear...
pregnancy test

Why am I not getting pregnant?

If you're finding yourself searching questions like "why am I not getting pregnant?" or "what's the reason for not getting pregnant when everything is normal?" you're likely frustrated, disheartened, and disappointed. It's hard when you're doing everything you can to get pregnant and nothing seem...