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Baby Shower Planning Top Tips

Baby Shower Planning Top Tips

With the ever-growing trend of hosting baby showers for expectant mums, although a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a little one, can be an over-whelming experience for those who are tasked with the planning and organising. Fear not, all you need is a little creative vision and a few personal touches.

Here are a few top tips in making it a memorable day for the mum-to-be.

#1 Go with what feels right and always take guidance from the mum-to-be on her wishes.

#2 Add a theme or colour scheme which you can introduce as much or little as you like. Beautiful flowers and balloons are a lovely touch and will bring your venue to life.

#2 Send out the invites in good time, your guests will appreciate the notice and it will allow time to gage numbers.

#3 Ensure to organise food and drink. A buffet style approach has its advantages with easy to prepare finger food. Don’t forget the sweet treats and cakes.

#4 Baby shower games are a great way to break the ice if you don’t all know each other. There are many baby shower games out there that you can tailor to your event.

#5 Guests will naturally want to bring along baby gifts. If mum-to-be decides to unwrap gifts in front of the guest, don’t forget to give her a helping hand in writing down who gave what. Your mum-to-be will appreciate the list when she sends out her thank-you’s for all her lovely baby shower gifts.

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