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Tips to Help With Your Morning Sickness

Tips to Help With Your Morning Sickness

When you’re pregnant, it can be an exciting time when you’re growing that beautiful new baby for nine months. Each monthly milestone brings changes to your body that are just downright amazing to witness. When you can feel those little flutters and kicks start to bubble up from that baby bump, it can feel like a pure miracle. That’s the best part! Unfortunately, not every moment of pregnancy is so blissful.

You may experience aches and pains, stretch marks, and other uncomfortable symptoms like morning sickness. Plus, when women talk about morning sickness, it can go on long after just those wee morning hours into the afternoon and evening. No one talks about all day sickness during pregnancy that much. How fair is that?

Some women have to suffer through bouts of pregnancy sickness that go even longer than the first trimester. If you are one of those unlucky women, it’s vital for your health and happiness to find ways to combat that nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. This is especially true if you need to continue working throughout your pregnancy, or if you have other children to take care of while bringing their new little brother or sister into the world. 

There are ways to help deal with this issue using morning sickness relief tips that will really curb some of the symptoms and treat morning sickness. Many of your friends and family have probably tried to give you some of their tips and tricks to help with morning sickness in pregnancy. Everyone seems to have their own homegrown remedies and advice that can sometimes work, or at least worked for them. The fact of the matter is that everyone’s body is different, and while there are some tried and true relief methods, the best way to find out if something works is to just go ahead and try it for yourself. It’s just that easy. The good news is that you just never know what’s going to give you some much-needed relief, so you can go about your day without feeling like morning sickness is taking over your life. 

At Cradle & Tonic, we are a lifestyle brand for pregnant and new mums that makes a variety of natural skincare products and artisan hand-poured candles. Before we get into tips for morning sickness, we do want to share our special way to deal with it. It’s by using our Cradle & Tonic Bump Pregnancy Candle. With a special blend of essential oils, this all-natural candle is geared towards creating a calm energy during pregnancy. The lavender, ylang-ylang, and lemon are meant to encourage relief during pregnancy sickness, help fight fatigue, and encourage relaxation during these all-important nine months of your life. You’ll love how much better you feel each time you light up this all-natural soy wax candle. It’s the perfect gift for any new mum to be that is fighting the effects of morning sickness in pregnancy. 

Now that we’ve shown you our little secret to fight the difficulties of morning sickness, here’s more about the issue, and the tips that will help you feel better with morning sickness relief. You’ll get through all those difficult moments since the reward of a healthy baby, in the end, is so life-changing. 

What Is Morning Sickness? 

According to the St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, morning sickness is simply characterized by nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP). It affects around 70-80 percent of women during pregnancy. Doctors who specialize in obstetrics, who care for women while pregnant and deliver their babies, realize that even though this is a completely normal part of some women’s pregnancies, it’s still very difficult to deal with. It can make a woman feel sad, downright depressed, and makes it very hard to get through the day doing everything they normally have to do. 

There is even a more severe form of pregnancy sickness that is called hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). This results in the pregnant person feeling even more intense nausea that is sometimes combined with feeling faint or dizzy due to excessive vomiting. The problem can lead to the person becoming dehydrated and needing hospitalization for treatment with IV fluids.

Sometimes HG lasts throughout the entire pregnancy. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has famously come out with the admission that she has experienced HG with all three of her pregnancies. It’s very brave that someone from the royal family has shared this information with the public in order to help other women who suffer from this problem during pregnancy. It’s estimated that only .5 to 3 percent of women suffer from this extreme form of pregnancy sickness, but if it’s happening to you, it can feel isolating and lonely. 

Traditional morning sickness usually starts in about the 9th week of pregnancy and can last through the 14th week. Of course, everyone’s journey is different, but in general, morning sickness is most severe during the first trimester and pretty much goes away during the second and third trimesters. That's a little bit of good news to look forward to because if you can just get through the first trimester, most likely you'll feel a whole lot better. 

How to Treat Morning Sickness 

There are ways to treat morning sickness that will help to stop some of the nausea and vomiting you are experiencing. Other than buying our Cradle & Tonic Bump Pregnancy Candle to put in every room of your home, which you actually may want to do if morning sickness is really bothering you, there are some other methods that have been known to help. 

When you get out of bed in the morning, give yourself some time to do this. Don’t just spring out of bed like you normally do. Have a few crackers by your bedside and some water to sip on before you even get up. That will help to curb some of the nausea you are experiencing right away. It also helps to eat small meals throughout the day, because if you get too hungry, it can make the problem worse. You may want to avoid foods and smells that aggravate morning sickness. Don’t be afraid to speak up to your partner about food smells that are bothering you. Your husband or significant other can probably do without making bacon each morning if the scent of the meat is making you run to the loo. 

Above all, make sure that you are staying hydrated and keeping yourself fed even with bouts of vomiting. The nourishment that you and your new baby that’s growing need to have is of the utmost importance at this time. Getting enough water and the right whole foods diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean protein is going to put you on the road to being healthier and having the best growth for the baby inside of you. 

Things to Try Yourself  

Another way to treat morning sickness and vomiting in pregnancy is by using ginger. It’s an herb that has compounds in it that are known to help with nausea. You can sip on some ginger tea or ginger ale, or have some ginger candy or a lollipop when you feel that icky feeling coming on. Certain herb-based candy companies make ginger lollipops for pregnant mums that work to reduce nausea and vomiting. You won’t know until you try it, so order a few kinds that may work for you from different companies. Another type of candy that is known to prevent nausea is sour candy. Sometimes, sour flavored citrus really helps to make you feel less sick. This type of candy is easy to find in basically any food supply store. 

Other than ginger, there are seasickness or motion sickness bands that may work to help curb pregnancy sickness. You can find these in any drugstore or pharmacy where medications are sold. They work by using pressure points on your wrist to relieve nausea and vomiting. Specifically, it’s the P6 or the Nei-Kuan acupressure point on the wrist that responds to the pressure stimulation. Using this type of relief band may help to stop that queasy feeling you have in the morning or anytime during the rest of the day. 

Another way to take care of yourself is to make time for self-care with aromatherapy. Cradle & Tonic’s skincare range is the perfect way to utilize the soothing scents of lavender, mandarin, and petitgrain to calm your nerves and make you feel better. We offer three different beneficial skincare products right now for the expecting mum and new ones. There’s the Cradle & Tonic Balm, Shower & Bath Gel, and Body Oil. Each is carefully crafted and natural to be safe during pregnancy and beyond. You’ll love how pampered and nourishing each product will be, even during those difficult moments when you feel like morning sickness will never end. 

Anti-Sickness Medication 

If your morning sickness gets extremely intense, and you suspect you may be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), your doctor may prescribe some anti-sickness medication. The most common types are Stemetil, Valoid, or Maxalon. These medications work by treating nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and are considered safe to use. They all work in different ways, so it might take trying a few types to find out what works best for your body. Your doctor will guide you through that process. It’s a good idea to explore these medications if the morning sickness is so bad that you aren’t functioning very well during the day or it’s preventing you from sleeping at night. 

Alternative Medicine 

There are some alternative medicine ideas that revolve around Eastern medicine. One of those is using acupuncture to relieve morning sickness. Talk to your doctor first before exploring any alternative medicine options. Acupuncture is where a trained practitioner inserts tiny needles into different parts of the skin. It’s an unproven method, but some women report that it’s been helpful in morning sickness relief. 

Another alternative medicine category is hypnosis. This is where a practitioner puts you in a state of deep relaxation in order to refocus negative thoughts that can trigger sickness symptoms. It does help some women become more conditioned to be unresponsive physically with nausea and vomiting to bothersome smells or situations. Trying hypnosis is definitely an outside-the-box treatment, but anything that works well may be worth exploring. 


Risk Factors for Morning Sickness 

 There are a few risk factors that can make morning sickness worse in pregnancy. The biggest cause of morning sickness is increased hormonal levels, which you can’t do much about. There are other lifestyle factors that you have a little more control over. Being fatigued and stressed out will make morning sickness symptoms worse. It’s helpful to practice meditation and relaxation techniques that will calm your nerves. Getting enough sleep each night and resting when you can is also helpful and may provide some morning sickness relief. 

 Another risk factor is having twins or multiples. The amount of stress and hormones introduced into your body to carry multiple babies sometimes causes more difficult morning sickness in pregnancy. 



 Here are some commonly asked questions about how to treat morning sickness and what to do when it feels like more than you can handle. 


When to Seek Medical Help? 

 There are some signs that it’s time to head to the emergency room, or at the very least, call your doctor when morning sickness is getting to be too much for you. If you have continuous nausea throughout the day, without any relief, it’s time to check in with your doctor. When you have bouts of vomiting in pregnancy more than four times a day and aren’t able to keep anything at all down, even water, it’s time to seek medical help. Also, if the vomit you are experiencing has streaks of brown or blood in it, it’s time to seek emergency room attention. Those aren’t a normal part of routine morning sickness in pregnant women, and it’s likely that you’ll need to be monitored more closely. 

Can the Supplements Help With Morning Sickness 

 Evidence shows that some over-the-counter supplements or vitamins that contain B6 (pyridoxine) and ginger can help to support morning sickness relief. Keep in mind that it’s important to speak with your doctor before taking any supplements on your own. You’ll find many different types of supplements geared towards pregnant women in your local drugstore or pharmacy. 

 Now that you know a little bit more about what morning sickness is all about and how to treat it, our staff at Candle & Tonic wish you the very best on this journey to becoming a new mum. If we can be a small part of it with beneficial candles and skincare for stretch marks, don’t hesitate to ask us questions, if you need to. We're here for you! And don’t worry, once you have that adorable baby in your arms, you’ll forget all about just how awful pregnancy sickness was.