Pregnancy is a magical time — not always the easiest, but it is a wholesome period of preparing to welcome new life into the world.

During this time, women should take many precautions and change their routines. One of which, skincare routines during pregnancy is often one that needs an extra bit of attention.

Amongst the products you might be using regularly, some may contain ingredients that can be harmful to your baby.

Look out for the following ingredients in your beauty cabinet or when investing in new skincare:


Found in many beauty products, Retinol is extremely rich in Vitamin A. A dose not preferable for a baby’s development. 

While absorbed by the body in excessive amounts, Vitamin A can be toxic for the liver and cause birth defects.

Benzoyl Peroxide

A treatment for hormonal acne, Benzoyl Peroxide might tempt some women if experiencing acne. However, it can have side effects for the fetus’ formation if absorbed above a certain limit.

Try to look for acne creams free of this ingredient.


Dark spots and loss of pigmentation can be experienced during pregnant. Lightener balms that contain Hydroquinone should be avoided. It can enter the bloodstream and affect the development of your baby.

Tea Tree Oils

While essential oils are a natural alternative to beauty products, we tend to overlook their possible side effects. 

Mainly tea tree and rosemary oils are highly concentrated and can heighten blood pressure and cause premature contractions.


Just A Little Care 

Be just that bit more careful with skincare during pregnancy and seek advice from a doctor or health advisor if you’re ever unsure.